Lead Nurture and Automation System

We keep our focus on increasing leads and your ROI by generating quality leads, converting them into patients, Automate Your Scheduling And Follow-up Process, and use our dental marketing expertise to help your practice grow.


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Patient Attraction Automation System for Your Dental Practices


One of the toughest challenges that most successful dental practices face is finding qualified leads and turning leads into actual patients.

It is often a game of telephone or email tag in an attempt to schedule an appointment with a potential new patient. This can be an exhausting process for both your staff and the new patient who is simply in need of a dental procedure or has been wanting to improve their smile for quite some time and finally decided to take that step.

Thankfully, there are now automated processes available to streamline your workflow and prevent the exhaustion that comes from working around scheduling conflicts.

At Envision Dental Marketing, we offer a unique marketing experience by providing quality leads through our Online Marketing Success Strategy process paired with our proprietary Patient Attraction Automation System, getting qualified prospective new patients to come in and show up for their first appointment.

When it comes to getting your leads to schedule an appointment at your office, our automated process can eliminate the hassle of sending multiple emails and remove the stress of calling and leaving messages distracting your staff from their daily patient care tasks.

Reach your growth potential and dominate your market by implementing proven marketing systems!

Automate Your Scheduling and Follow-up Process

Lead Nurture and Marketing Automation is a term that is thrown around a lot and can mean lots of different things. Think of it as a way to convert the leads you are getting into actual new patients that come in, stay for a long time and bring in more referrals, and more repeat business. That’s how you can grow your practice profitability and maximize your production and revenue.

Over the past several years we have noticed a recurring theme: Our clients were investing their marketing dollars and successfully getting regular leads, only to notice not all those interested patients came in or even set up an appointment for their dental interest.

Upon further inspection, we learned that in most cases many of the leads that had shown interest in a procedure and had called the office to learn more weren’t being followed up with effectively. We also found out that usually the ones that were followed up with only once (or none in some cases) never scheduled an appointment or didn’t show up if they did.

A Solid Marketing Strategy Needs a Lead Nurture Automation System

If you want to start generating a predictable number of new patients, you need to have a solid lead nurture strategy and follow up system. Sending a reminder via email or text message and not following up further is a recipe for marketing failure with a very low ROI on your investment.

The solution to this is to have a system in place that helps you and your staff stay on task. Most dental offices spend far too much time on daily patient care and collection and not enough time nurturing the new patient arrival which is the core of your practice growth and profitability.

Our proprietary Lead Nurture System solves that issue so your staff can spend their time on revenue-generating activities, like taking care of your patients’ needs and focus on creating a friendly and warm environment for your patients.

This system also allows you to track the different channels leads come through, which in turn helps you discover the marketing channels that deserve more of your marketing dollars.

With a solid strategy in place for generating leads, and a system to close those leads and get them to schedule and show up for their appointment, you will be well on your way to having a system which can predictably scale your practice and helps you get to the next level.

Reach your growth potential and dominate your market by implementing proven marketing systems!

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